Introducing the Camilyo Mobile HUB!

Help your SMB clients manage their businesses better.

Great service at all times

Your small business clients will see all events that require attention: requests, orders and appointments received through their website, Facebook and online listings.

Appointments, bookings and reminders

The Calendar keeps all business events in one place and sends reminders to both the SMB owner and the customer to reduce no-shows.

Customer interactions

All customer contacts and previous business interactions are synced with Camilyo’s CRM, making it easy for small businesses to connect with customers on the go.

Smart Caller ID

Whenever an existing customer calls your SMB client, they immediately see all previous interactions of that customer with their business.

Social media management

Your SMB clients can manage their social media profiles, as well as creating, scheduling and approving posts that you write for them.

Business performance tracking

The Dashboard displays selected business KPIs, making your SMBs aware of what is going on with their business and how you are helping them succeed.